Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Neeru Sole Rotti


  1. Jackfruit in brine – 4 cups
  2. White Rice – 4 tsp
  3. Grated Coconut – 1/2 cup
  4. Green Chilly – 2 chopped
  5. Coriander leaves – 3 tsp chopped
  6. Curry leaves – 3 tsp chopped
  7. Chopped ginger – 1/4 tsp
  8. Onion – 1 medium size chopped
  9. Oil/ Ghee


  1. Soak white rice for 5-6 hours. Remove jackfruit from brine and keep in water
  2. Drain water, grind rice, jackfruit and coconut together to a smooth and thick paste by adding very little water
  3. Taste for salt. If needed then add as per taste
  4. Add chopped onion,ginger, green chilly, coriander and curry leaves to the thick paste
  5. Heat the pan, pour little paste on it and spread thick and evenly on the pan
  6. Close the lid, when cooked pour little oil/ghee, turn upside down and cook for another minute
  7. Serve hot with chutney

Jackfruit rotti

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  1. Nice to see so many dishes with Jackfruits. We too love jack fruits and it's a common at home, especially at my parent's place. Nice recipe to be bookmarked for jackfruit season!